Tautuku Block X Section 3C Trust

A Māori land trust, Tautuku Block X Section 3C Trust, was set up in 1996 to manage the block and look after the interests of its 216 registered beneficial owners. The 443.3 ha block includes the Cathedral Caves, the bulk of Waipati Beach and the dunes, streams and coastal forest up to 2 km inland of the beach. This block is part of a wider area of Māori land (the Tautuku - Waikawa lands, 4,872 ha), which were set aside under the South Island Landless Natives Act 1906.  Safely managing the streams of people wanting to visit Cathedral Caves is the most important economic and environmental project in Block X Section 3C.

The SILNA story
At the turn of the 20th century, the New Zealand Government decided to reserve land for descendants of Māori who had been adversely affected by Government and private land purchases in the 1840s and 1850s. The South Island Landless Natives Act (SILNA) 1906 was intended to provide redress for the economic hardship afflicting Māori who had lost their customary lands and the means to support themselves. Under the legislation, the Government (Crown) allocated 57,500 ha of land, much of it in southern South Island and Stewart Island, to about 4,000 Māori. At the time of their granting, these SILNA lands were among New Zealand’s least valuable – remote, rugged, wet, unsuitable for farming and often far from traditional home areas.



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